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Yet more love for Suga Boom Boom! The Keycrashers crash this party!
05 Mar 2020

For all the dance and EDM fans in the audience, if you’re not into hip hop, you may not have heard of DL Down3r. But for those with a diverse enough taste to have heard of him while liking EDM and dance music, we have something very special for you, straight from the Key Crashers, right on our DJ Central Soundcloud! The one and only signature song of Mr DL himself – Suga Boom Boom, given a new and catchy twist!

That’s right, the Key Crashers, known mostly for their work on “Splashing” and “Surrounded by Fools”, decided to send in their remixes of Suga Boom Boom! This was not a request on our behalf, but simply a gesture from the Crashers, expressing their love for the song and for Down3r! Now that’s something special! It’s a different style from the original’s chill hip hop vibes for sure, and this House/EDM mix is perfect for dancing and vibing to! We can see this being played in a slick dance club in NYC in the future, how about you? It wouldn’t surprise us – after all, all of the Key Crashers’ tracks are of this high quality!

Whether you’re here for the new and dank twist the Key Crashers have brought, or for the tried-and-true evergreen quality of Down3r’s original, all we know is that there’s good music to be had here, and that’s enough to interest us, no matter the style, no matter the vibe!

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of good tracks, and these talented artists are the ones we can thank for that! Who says good music is dead?

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