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You don’t have to wait any longer, Dealing with Destiny is finally available on Amazon Prime!!!
30 Jul 2018

Dealing with Destiny is an Australian comedy film starring Luke Arnold, best known for his role as “Long John Silver” in the successful series “Black Sails” and the Channel 7 made for TV movie on INXS, where he played Michael Hutchence to critical acclaim. The film also stars Roger Sciberras and Clayton D Moss with supporting actors Steve Maresca, Barry Quin, Catherine Farrah, Emma Leonard and Gillian Cooper.

Dealing with Destiny is directed by Colm O’Murchu, produced by Paul Condoleon | Dalifey Productions. The film is distributed by Planet Blue Pictures USA for the world. The sound track features amazing music from Blue Pie Records artists.


Let’s imagine, it’s the last day of University. Blake, Lloyd, Vinnie and Ricardo are planning the traditional pranks of the end of the year. Blake and Lloyd are two brilliant physics students who have always worked closely together as partners, but the stakes are much higher today as only one of them can top the year and win the University Medal. Lloyd has a new girlfriend, Zara but suspects Blake of making a move on her. Ricardo, on his side, falls in love with a gym girl, and Vinnie is in love with Betsy, his yellow 1969 fiat sports car.

They all get caught up in a series of last day pranks which backfire, misunderstandings arise amongst them and conflict ensues as Zara decides to read the tarot cards to predict the future events and amazingly everything seems to be coming perfectly true, or does it ?

So don’t wait anymore and have a great time taking a journey with this fun loving group of friends deal with destiny through their crazy antics at university!

The movie is now available on ITunes and Amazon for the world. For more information you can use the following links:

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