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Zehora plays for over 4000 Hp employees!
13 Sep 2011

Zehorah recently did a performance for Hewlett Packard employees at the Nokia Sports Centre in Tel Aviv. Over 4,000 people attended!

Zehorah performed with 14 members of her performing artist family from Dimona, Isreal, in a brief but unforgettable stage appearance.

She led the band and audience through the chorus of “I Believe Can Fly” in beautiful harmony with a live band and acapella, dressed in royal colours of purple and gold.

Zehorah is a member of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. She resides in Dimona, Israel, in “The Village of Peace.” Known for its achievements in communal living and self-sufficiency, it is arguably the world’s most progressive and health conscious community. She is a classically trained virtuoso and was a featured vocal soloist in Spanish opera performed with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

To find out more about Zehorah go HERE.

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