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Zya Mou and her track “Baby Tell Me” has us hanging on to her every word!
18 Dec 2015

Most noted for her role in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and her successes competing in beauty pageants across Canada, Zya Mou’s “Baby Tell Me” is a classic pop hit both in the Chinese and Western pop communities that has us hooked on every beat!

“Baby Tell Me” is a pop track which features the natural songstress flair of Zya Mou combined with an infectious pop hook that repeats throughout the track. The lyrics perfectly capture the edgy instrumentals, making it a song that we can’t get enough of!

This song also has a fiery music video where you can see Zya Mou dancing in an underground urban style carpark and this perfectly brings to life the lyrics of the song. It is available to view on YouTube here. On Sound Cloud, the song has also enjoyed success since its release. In late 2014, Zya signed a global distribution and publishing agreement with DJ Central Records.

For more info on Zya Mou, take a look at the links below!

Official Links:

Sound Cloud: me

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