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Annushka Releases Their Latest Album With Blue Pie!
18 / 01 / 2013

Annushka is a four piece collective, driven by a playful energy that’s intoxicatingly entertaining. With a play list ranging from soulful ballads and haunting folk tunes to hot Latin Jazz, this quartet is as virtuosic in execution as it is original in interpretation. Annushka draws on the rich diversity of the members’ backgrounds which includes Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Classical, Music Theatre and Folk music. Charming, confident and professional, this ensemble’s experience includes venues from the Sydney Opera House and Angel Place to the Camelot Lounge and Venue 505 as well as countless CD recordings, television appearances, session work and live national broadcasts.

Annuska’s latest album will be distributed exclusively with Blue Pie Records! We are excited and proud to promote and support musicians of such calibre and talent throughout a wide range of genres! If you’re a fan of all things folk and classical, view a seek peek of their latest works on their E-Music page.

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