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Attila Hegedus pulls more than just guitar strings in his latest album Chasing Shadows
29 / 01 / 2014

Attila Hegedus is pulling guitar strings and heartstrings in his latest album Chasing Shadows, which has just been released several months ago. Chasing the Shadows includes 11 tracks filled with moving harmonies, particularly in “Yearn”. Along with this, Attila Hegedus’s album also contains a few angst-filled tracks such as “Silence of Time”. The album exhibits Attila’s quirky rock vocals, similar to that of the Cure, which manages to keep you engaged to the lyrics till the very last word in each song. Each track contains so much heart-filled emotion that you can hear the effort Attila has put into each track in this album…and he may even jerk a few heartstrings too. So it’s very likely for you to get swept away in such raw emotion that you’ll feel everything that Attila felt in creating each track, which is all apart of Attila Hegedus’s musical charm. So if youre after listening to something that has more meaning than the repetitive rap that’s in the top charts, we definitely recommend Chasing Shadows for you! So, give Attila Hegedus a whirl in the link below and let him carry you back to the times when music actually meant something. 

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