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Bassam brings Joy with his new single!
17 / 04 / 2019

The young star from Real Touch Records has brought Joy to Blue Pie Records, and hopefully he can bring it to you too! “Joy” is Bassam’s latest single and is one of the chillest afrobeat tracks heard from Real Touch in a while!


Soothing, truly soothing. The imposing clown on the cover is in some ways a misnomer, since it varies from the mood at first glance. But perhaps the initial shock is but an invitation, luring you to find more, tempting your curiosity. And as you listen to the song, it feels almost nostalgic. The clown ceases to be sinister. It looks like an old photo from childhood from a safer, more innocent time. And the chill, calming effect of the music itself, as well as the gentle passion put into the vocals makes this a track you can really relax to. Big things come in small packages, a lesson taught by the misleading yet still stunning artwork, and it’s a lesson we would do well to take to heart with this release in particular. For this song is truly something big, and has the potential to become the world’s new favourite… if only one would give it the chance it deserves, and get lost in its amazing, and yes… joyful… atmosphere. The name “Bassam” roughly means “one who smiles”. It’s soothing to see the creative talents of someone who lives up to an excellent name like that, for surely Bassam must be smiling a lot every day, knowing he has created content of this level of quality.


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