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Beck Black ‘Life is a Circus’ is a tantalizing track that will leave you craving for more!
11 / 06 / 2014

Beck Black’s new song, “Life is a Circus,” sounds like you’ve entered a musical Wonderland circus, filled with weirdly seductive mixes of both the Arctic Monkeys and Marilyn Manson.

The eerie start is slow and classic, reminiscent of a wedding march or funeral song; however this idea becomes completely distorted, flipped on its back and turned upside down when the drums break through with a sharp rhythm, and the guitar slides in with its catchy riffs, progressing the track into the mysterious heavy rock combination.

The dramatic sounds of the track create mystical vibes, resonant of a parallel universe and leaving you astounded and drawn into the unique world that Beck Black have created around this tune. The solid rock riffs are tantalising and desirable, creating an atmosphere of stupor and wonder within a heavy rock dimension.

The chorus chants the vocalist’s seductive vocals, scorching from an incredibly high pitch, down to a growling low pitch. The astounding ranges of notes displayed are phenomenal! They burst through the darkness of the uncanny track and into chanted lines. The catchy lyrics are a stupendous build-up of musical talent and release exhilarating vocals that are invigorating and creative.

The saucy guitar solo wails away, catching onto the dramatic vibe of the track and entices the listener with its provocative howl. The raunchy little solo acts as a teaser for what is left of the song: more vocals that are powerful and infused with magical melodies.

The drums drive the track throughout the song; its persistence adding a dramatic effect to the track. The deep and hollow sounds of the track uniquely compliment the haunting vocals. The hazy music is made solid and set in stone

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