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Bigg Cixx makes it look Easy!
16 / 12 / 2022

Bigg Cixx is one of the artists who you can rely on for some heavy flow that hits where it hurts. Who else do you know in the game who’s writing stuff like this?

“Sixteen bars, I’ve got sixteen bleeding

My rhymes so hard you feel like you getting beaten

If you ain’t standing out you probably need to take a seat then

Read that back, learn the steps and then repeat them.”

Don’t worry, we’ll wait. In the meantime, check out the track that came from: Bigg Cixx’s smooth slapper known as Easy.

This was part of the Covid Cash Challenge event, and is a remix designed to raise interest. Smart thinking, considering that whenever we hear Bigg Cixx come onto shuffle on our playlists, we definitely turn our heads to listen closer, we can’t help it! As for the contents of the song itself, it’s a good old fashioned hype piece that talks Bigg Cixx up, and not without good reason. He’s putting in work in every aspect of the hip hop game, and when he drops bars like this, you know they actually hold weight, unlike the empty bolstering of so many wannabe rappers out there:

“Caged like an animal waiting to unleash me

Eating like a cannibal these rappers look beefy

Cixx don’t hurt me man, Cixx don’t eat me

Cixx coming for you man like Freddy please believe me”

Like all of Bigg Cixx’s creations, this track is catchy, hits HARD, and is perfect for cruising round the block in the afternoon, with some slow flow and bass blaring out of your car speakers. You won’t wanna miss this one.

But with that being said, if you really can’t satisfy your Cixx cravings, check out the rest of his excellent Spotify catalogue or his presence on Youtube. You may even discover some new favourites when other artists feature with him!

Or you could always check out his social media links or website! We’ll definitely be seeing you there…

Bigg Cixx is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on Bigg Cixx at the following links:

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