blue pie Release

Chill out and Stay Low with Bigg Cixx!
1 / 03 / 2019

I’m just gonna throw you right into this:

Sorry for the cold opening, but this is the kind of track that’s so mint it just needs to be experienced before any words attempt to summarise it. Stay Low is the perfect chill track for you hip hop fans, and it comes straight to you from Bigg Cixx himself, who featured with DL Down3r and Spez Loaks on the west coast slapper No L’s! Stay Low has enough of a pumping beat to let you nod your head to it, but is a little more mellow than the banger that is No L’s. It’s the perfect type of track to cruise around to with the air con blasting to beat the LA heat… but the truth is, the true heat will be bumping from your speakers. It’s just the right kinda track to dance to without getting too pumped- you can easily bump this at the club and transition straight from the floor to the bar to take a load off. The mellow purple in the album cover is the kinda cover you can judge the book by- this is one of the chillest tracks to come outta the west coast bar none!


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