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Del Casher Receives Great Feedback From Fans On New Single “Malaguena” !
25 / 01 / 2013

Blue Pie is delighted to announce that indie artist Del Casher “cooks” with his hot latest single! “Malaguena”, is a seductive form of Spanish folk music and dance from Malaga, a variety to the very popular “Fandango”. Del Casher will blow you away with his mesmerising rendition of the ‘Latin Guitar Experience’, which has already received five star reviews on iTunes, despite only being release early 2013!

Del Casher (born Delton Kacher) is an American guitarist, innovator and inventor. His many creations include the ‘Wah-wah’ pedal, which significantly influenced the development of rock and roll guitar style. He also devised the ‘Ecco-Fonic’, and later the solid state ‘Fender Electronic Echo Chamber’. He was the first to introduce the ‘Roland Guitar Synthesizer’ for the Roland Corporation.

To learn more about Blue Pie artist Del Casher, check out his official page!

Malaguena- ‘Latin Guitar Experience’ is available now on iTunes!

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