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DJ 5th Mars cuts loose with his intergalactic new release "Cant Stop" !
5 / 06 / 2015

DJ 5th Mars originally from Montréal (Québec), Canada. Born in the urban jungle of Montréal city, he quickly develops a passion for techno and electro sounds. In 1999 he created his own style that he named DeepSpace Techno. DJ 5th Mars is not the typical DJ, but more a producer and a creator that plays is own music sets. As a hands-on artist, with experiences has a musician for the past 30 years, in production and mixing for 20 years, for the past 14 years he has exclusively produced EDM music.

In 2012, DJ 5th Mars finally release 2nd album called “BIN 505”, that was a great success for an underground artist with over 12000 album sales and only use the social media to advertise, he was able to bring over 9,5 Million visitors from Oct 1st 2012 (album release of BIN 505) to August 10th 2013.

In 2014 DJ 5th Mars was signed to DJ Central Records and has since gone from strength to strength. In early 2015 he landed a sponsorhip with Sennheisser and has been in constant demand working with some of Blue Pie’s leading artists including Suzanna Lubrano on her new release “Sera Ke Amor”. DJ 5th’s remix is now out on iTunes and doing strong business on the dance floors in Europe.

With the release of his new album “Worlds Collide” he has gone way way way out into the galaxy to bring back his space trance genre that he coined and deliver his best work to date. The first single from the album is “Can’t Stop” and we defy anyone to stop moving to this track. Check it out on below on the Blue PIe SoundCloud site. You can get all the latest news on DJ 5th Mars by visting his website at 

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