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Dux Jones Continues His Legacy With New Single “Bopper’s” !
25 / 01 / 2013

Dux Jones is a former basketball player who found his true calling in the creative arts and music. Dux has since then dedicated himself to becoming the ultimate ‘emcee’ hip-hop artist. His influences vary; a huge fan of all types of music, movies, and art, Dux Jones would argue that it’s the pieces that “grab the soul”, which in turn move him.

He has since discovery convened with fellow Visionaries, ‘30Water’ and ‘Bey’. Together they formed The “Uncanny” Inc. Uncanny have become a trinity of masterfully creative minds, devoted to all things peace loving, expressed through a super funky form of R&B.

Records like Michael Jackson’s Thriller balance Dux between fantasy and reality, allowing him to create a world “Where everything’s different,” but still a reflection of his personal experience.

Dux has and will always to continue that legacy, and with his fresh new single, “Bopper’s” released now on iTunes, Blue Pie cannot wait to get on board that dream!

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