blue pie Release

15 / 10 / 2009

Take a walk into a bar that has a stage up the back with 5 guys ready to rock their sound through the air waves and cut a direct pipeline to your brain with some of the most well thought and perfectly arranged adult rock to hit the Australian music scene in decades. Enspier is a rock band on a mission, and that mission is to inspire listeners to transcend the ordinary from Australia to the other side of the globe. Enspier’s debut release “The Hall of Mirrors” has taken listeners to that special place. A place, that cannot be defined by words but can be expressed through music. They draw more and more fans at every show and now boast air play on some 300 + international stations around the global and viralling fast. Check out their website for all the latest news and tour dates. BPPENSPIER250909

For more info on Enspier visit their website

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