blue pie Release

Explore your Memories & Dreams with Michelle Saunders!
12 / 03 / 2019

Ethereal. Mysterious. Emotional. Enchanting. These are all words that aptly describe this new masterpiece from Michelle Saunders.

The tracks are heartfelt and moody, and incorporate various instruments and styles to convey the message of any given track. The album is a hidden gem currently, though is slowly rising in popularity, as is deserved. It’s a heartfelt piece laden with emotions and stories, and could definitely inspire the creative listeners in our audience, or perhaps frame a recent painful event within one’s perspective. It’s the perfect album to mellow out to and let yourself feel something- that bittersweet, painful nostalgia known as saudade. Rare is it nowadays that mainstream music can touch you like this! So why not steel yourself and dive in to confront your emotions?


Check out Michelle Saunders’ Spotify by clicking here!

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