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Fall Back with AZitiZ
22 / 07 / 2013

AZitiZ is back with her newest track “Fall Back” following the success of her last song “What is Love”. The track hip hop collaboration with Teq-illa Da Lyrical Blakout and Siyanda ‘Stylez’ Khoza and was inspired by a trip the group had to South Africa and New Orleans

This rnb and soul track has resemblences to Lauryn Hill & Jill Scott. AZitiZ doesn’t insult listeners. She doesn’t hypnotize the uninspired with heard-it-before complacency. Her artistry is grounded in originality and truth-speaking. Musically, AZitiZ crafts songs that come alive with the fervent spirit of creativity in which they are formed. Lyrically, AZitiZ speaks what she knows, never faking and never, ever hiding from reality. Music, for her, is about joy, freedom, honesty and forming a connection with others

AXitiZ’s evocative blend of hip-hop and soul elements ride an electric line along the cutting edge of urban music. Teaming up with two of Johannesburg’s local hip hop artist TEQ and STYLEZ this track is a banger and goes Hard. She spreads the message of peace, love and Happiness

Purchase from iTunes on the link below.

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