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Has your obsession left you yet? 2022 banger MY OBSESSION gets the remix treatment!
16 / 01 / 2023

Gabe Rizza and Diego Bian are BACK for the new year, fresh and ready for 2023. And the first thing they’re doing to bring in their New Years’ resolution is to bring back a favourite track from the end of last year… The rave throwback My Obsession has a brand new coat of paint, so here’s the music video of the original to refresh your memory!

The lyrics convey a craving that goes beyond sensible thinking. Combining elements of modern deep house with the raves of the 90s, My Obsession unites musical threads into a weave. It effortlessly captures the aesthetics of several genres and eras. The deep synths smoothly pull you in and get you bopping to the beat, feeling the energy of an invisible crowd and awakening your dopamine in a rush of alluring funk! But what if we went even further than that? This is the question that the My Obsession remixes set out to answer, and this little EP does a bang-up job of it! We have four different brand new mixes to choose from here: the energetic and synth-heavy Club Radio mix, the extended version of the Club Radio mix just in case you can’t get enough, the Extended Radio mix if you wanted even more of the original, and the Extended Body mix if you like your bangers a little more BASS heavy, with some bonus backup vocals! Check it out.

As is the tradition with tracks from Gabe Rizza, these tracks have been given some incredible remixes for some alternate takes on their style and sound. You know he’s a good mixer when he can’t stop himself from mixing, and that definitely seems to be the case here! All of us at Blue Pie and DJ Central are extremely happy with this brand new set of EDM gems, and we reckon these releases were the perfect way to continue the Aus summer season and celebrate a new year dawning on us. All this stands to reason, given the level of extensive EDM experience that Gabe has under his belt – if you couldn’t tell that already from the awesome lyrics and vocals.

Gabe Rizza is our resident in-house mixer, and he’s using his many years of experience DJing to whip up some truly awesome masters and mixes ready to put us in the energy of the club from the comfort of our homes! We’re always ready to chat to him when we need some audio quality reviewed for a new release we’re managing. But when it comes to original works like My Obsession, Gabe and Diego get to spread their wings and show off the passion that drives them to strive for excellence, and that goes double for remixes that give a whole new light to a work they’ve already completed! With this many amazing mixes, even the most obsessed EDM fans in the world will have plenty of choice of what vibe they wanna dance to next! Whether you know Gabe as a solo artist, knew him from his work with About Time, or know him by his alias Apollo Sky, you can be guaranteed that this kind of nuanced EDM is what’s gonna get you hooked the moment you hit play.

Check out Gabe’s website as well as his Discogs under Gabriel Rizza for some of his previous works! And check out his company bios and other links below – we’re eagerly looking forward to the next thing he’ll turn his skilled hands to!


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