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Headband new and remastered
29 / 01 / 2014

Headband, were a progressive Rock band formed in Adelaide in 1971.The remastered version of the album “A song For Tooley” (1973) has just been released. It is an iconic album in the history of Australian rock that infuses many styles as it contains elements of rock, gospel, jazz and folk. The music is climatic and easy to listen to, complete with great harmonies and guitar solos which resonate throughout the album. The album is generally at a slow paced tempo and is reminiscent of the 70’s folk rock style. Headband have supported musicians including Elton John, The Rolling Stones and John Mayall.

An interesting characteristic about Headband’s music is the ability that the band has to dramatically change direction smoothly during a song. Symphonic rock switches to a swing style jazz and soon reverts back to a symphonic rock. Headband is able to make this into a clear transition that captivates the audience.  This remastered version captures and highlights the transcendent album that was released decades ago. “A Song for Tooley” sounds great in this remastered version and is a must have for the Australian music fan.

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