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I love Jazz Music! Another bombastic compilation series!
13 / 08 / 2021

Coming hot off our last compilation series, Bump Love and Grind Time, we have a bit of a different twist on things this time! We have a simple question for you today.

ya like jazz

Of course, we love Jazz Music. So we had to make an album compilation series of 20 volumes all about it!

Just like with the past compilations, these album covers were as always designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they ooze class! The atmosphere of each one of these pictures puts us in a smoky room, the sounds of brass and hi-hats causing us to nod our heads to the beat, and when you play any one of the 20 volumes, you’ll also experience that aesthetic for real! Sara has been working very hard on these artworks, and they’re all a treat in their own unique ways.

What we’ve shown you is just a fraction of what’s out there in this series. So, if ya like jazz, go ahead and slam on one of these albums from this series and discover just how much you love jazz music, perhaps more than you thought! That’s what’s great about these compilations – they really let you expand your collection how YOU see fit. We’re hoping you’ll love these new and fresh favourites from these excellent brassy selections!

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