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If you don't want good music, then SCATTER! Sean Stan is here to stay!
22 / 05 / 2019

You hear that? That pulsing rhythm in your soul? That sound that just urges you to get up and dance?! That’s the effect that Sean Stan’s latest single, “Scatter”, has on people! We just had to capture that magic and load it to our Soundcloud above. And it doesn’t end there! “Scatter” is going to make its way to our Spotify and iTunes around a week from the time of writing, and it won’t be particularly hard to find- just search “Sean Stan Scatter”! There’s a couple of his other tracks on there already, such as the singles “OMG”, “Them No Reach”, and “Frequency”! We’ll hopefully also be hosting those on various platforms in the future so stay tuned- this guy’s music makes us quite excited, so we’ll be sure to make an article at such an occasion too. As for whether it’s just the high quality of music that makes us hype or the fact that it’s the perfect thing to get us to dance, we’re not sure, and we’re also not sure it really matters that much. All we know is that we love these tracks and we love “Scatter” in particular, and that’s the main thing that matters! This modern afropop classic is sure to please anyone no matter how many left feet they have, as it doesn’t matter how well you dance, but how much fun you have by putting your whole heart into it! That’s the message that we think songs like this with their carefree and fun beats are screaming to the world. So scatter and have fun with it, because we will too! And keep an eye on the new releases, and on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, for more releases from the amazingly talented Sean Stan! Not only for the singles we mentioned that are on their way, and not only for “Scatter” on Spotify and iTunes, but for all his new songs! Because a performer this talented has to work through passion, and you just can’t keep passion down or stop it from creating its wonderful things for long!

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