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Israeli hit artist, Mosh Ben Ari, releases new album “Look into My Eyes”
23 / 05 / 2012

Blue Pie is proud to announce the release of Mosh Ben Ari’s newest album “Look into My Eyes”.

Mosh Ben Ari is an Israeli based artist whose influences of Middle Eastern music, Bob Marley, Led Zeplin, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Celif, have helped in the creation of their rock and roll, soul sound with reggae undertones.

Mosh is one of Israels greatest musical exports with major chart sales and success in Europe for the past 10 years. Mosh’s previous work has quickly climbed its way up on the charts, earning himself a ‘gold record’ and the name of  Israel’s foremost singer and songwriter.  His work with his band has also been translated and performed by a number of artists and choirs around the world.

“Look into My Eyes” is a celebration of groove and spirit which majestically manages to blend rock with rich and unique vocals and lyrics. A few notable tracks on the album being, ‘Until We Understand’, ‘I’d Tell You Everything’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Learn How to Forgive’. Mosh has just completed his Australian tour to critical aclaim.

Mosh is a Globalev World Music Artist and distributed by Blue Pie for the world. To check out the new album just head on over to his MySpace. Also make sure to show your support and click on the purchase link below!

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