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Janice Lore Brings Her ‘Country Sounds’ To A Whole New Level
17 / 06 / 2013

Janice combines traditional and contemporary country beats and tunes to create country songs like no other in her debut album “Country Sounds”. “Country Sounds” features five great tracks including: ‘Temporary Satisfaction’; ‘Livin, Lovin & Hurtin’; ‘Been There, Done That!’; Secret Love and ‘Ocean In My Mind’ .

Don’t be fooled by the short album! Unlike many music artists these days, Janice Lore writes and sings from the heart about relatable and personal matters, which has gained her quite a large fan base. ‘Secret Love’ is one example of her passionate and personal lyrics, as Janice admits, “This song came to me because of a relationship that I was in. It seemed like I was his “Secret Love” and so we had to end the relationship.” Janice also delivers a wide range of vibes in her album that’ll suit any mood from the edgy rock beats in ‘Temporary Satisfaction’ to the harmonious melodies in ‘Secret Love’. The soothing blend of gifted male and female vocals within the album will also suit a large variety of listeners. As a driven songwriter who has been practicing for more than fifteen years, we can guarantee that you’ll hear nothing but the best authentic country music in her album.

Janice Lore’s debut album ‘Country Sounds’ is now available through many digital retailers, including iTunes.

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