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Johnny Bennett’s New Album ‘The Violet Hush’ Out Now!
29 / 09 / 2011

‘The Violet Hush’ is an album no rock fan’s collection will be complete without!

Johnny Bennett is one of those rare, but highly sought after artists – the breed of singer/songwriter who has lifetime experience and wisdom that literally gushes into the meaning and sentiment of every song he writes

The Violet Hush, which was co-written with Ali Nikou and Suanne Gray and produced by the highly sought after Duane Lundy, is a 10-piece picture book in melodic form – each track paints a lyrical snap shot of varied life experiences in LA. From aggressive gripping rock tracks such as, World on Fire, through to the mellow drift-away tones of, Sailboat, this album delivers indulgent diversity by the bucket load.

You can buy The Violet Hust from Amazon or click the link below for iTunes!

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