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Key Loch releases a great new re-mix for Where Is The Love!!
8 / 11 / 2023

Key Loch’s recent release, the remix of “Where is the Love” from Blue Pie Records, marks a significant milestone in the their musical journey. Renowned for their infectious blend of pop, EDM, and dance music, Key Loch’s remix breathes new life into this classic track, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved song. With their signature energetic beats and vibrant production, the band has revamped “Where is the Love” into a contemporary anthem, ready to captivate a new generation of listeners while paying homage to the original’s emotive essence.

The remix of “Where is the Love” from Key Loch encapsulates the group’s ability to infuse their unique sound and style into existing tracks, creating a captivating and dynamic sonic experience. Through their artistry and skillful remixing, Key Loch has reimagined this timeless song, incorporating modern elements of EDM and dance music while retaining the song’s emotive core. The duo’s innovative approach breathes new energy into the track, offering a compelling fusion of nostalgia and contemporary musical trends.

Blue Pie Records’ collaboration with Key Loch on the remix of “Where is the Love” underscores the label’s commitment to showcasing diverse musical talent and fostering creative reinventions of classic hits. The release stands as a testament to Key Loch’s prowess in reinterpreting iconic songs, infusing them with their infectious energy, and presenting a fresh take that resonates with both loyal fans and newcomers to their music, solidifying their position as dynamic artists within the contemporary music scene.



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