blue pie Release

Neon Dawn
15 / 10 / 2009

Neon Dawn smack it to your head like only true rock and rollers can. Take a splash of U2, a dash of Matchbox 20, The screaming vocals of Aerosmith and gallon of Jack and your best friends out on a party and you have ” Neon Dawn “. They are tight and a pure rock power house of classic modern that blows any fan away with their versatility and instrumental talent. Their live performances are thought-provoking and their lyrics state something more than any candy ass pop song in dance land. Their shows are solid and rocking. What more can we say except buy their records and go to their shows. Their Latest EP is “Someone like you” and is out now on Blue Pie for the world. Make sure that you check their My Space for details. BPPNDAWN250909

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