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One of Soularflair's prettiest releases yet! All The Pretty Things!
14 / 09 / 2020

If you’re a fan of Psychill, Electronica, or Shpongle tracks, Soularflair’s got just the music for you! The trippy visuals he’s brought to represent his new track don’t hurt either…

Now live on Youtube and Spotify, as well as all other major online streaming services and retailers, “All The Pretty Things” is a track that’s begging you to zone out and chill to it. And if 3 minutes isn’t enough for that and you truly wanna drift, then the extended mix in the EP should do that for you with ease!

It’s one of those tracks that if you have it on autoplay, you’ll end up vibing with it so well that you end up listening to a million other songs in a trance without even realising, no matter how different those songs are from each other! So powerful is the hypnotic pull of “All The Pretty Things”. Add it to your playlist and it’s the only ingredient you’ll need to go on a journey without ever leaving your comfiest chair… but then again, you could say that about a lot of Soularflair’s chillest tracks, come to think of it…

To find out more about Soularflair, send an email to and we’ll answer any questions that we can about this rising star!


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