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Rob Marin releases "I'll Give Your Weak My Strength" for the Breast Cancer Foundation.
15 / 10 / 2012

Blue Pie are excited to announce the release of Rob Marin’s new single “I’ll Give Your Weak My Strength” which will be benefiting the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation!
One hundred percent of the proceeds will go straight to the Foundation to help the community create awareness of Breast Cancer, and support those in need that are struggling with the disease.
Greg Lato and Rob Marin wrote the song after a meeting, talking with some of the 2013 Calendar Girls and hearing their stories and how Breast Cancer affected their lives, especially being diagnosed under the age of 40.
Greg and Rob donated their time and cost of Recording and Producing the song both in Boston and New York studios. They were fortunate to have the very talented Kelley Lennon as a featured vocalist on the track singing the duet with Rob.
We urge all to support the track by purchasing it today! Your one download will help more than you know.

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