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Sarah Saunders is Falling for you!
18 / 04 / 2011

Move over Evanescence & Christina Aguilera SARAH SAUNDERS is here!

Her brand new single “Fallen” has hit the floors n’ stores and we just can’t  get enough of it! . This record was produced by Damien Reilly, Petros from Petrophonic Records and the Halo Productions Team in the UK. The track was a combined effort between Blue Pie’s UK production partners Halo Productions and the Sydney + Melbourne team of Damien and Petros. A special note of thanks goes to Mark Haughton for organising the connection to Halo in the UK.

Sarah power smashes through the vocals with intensity and a dynamic range only a few can match. This young, fresh rock-fuelled queen demands your attention. Download your copy of “Fallen” now!

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