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Some more classic slow flow from Bigg Cixx with FOURTEEN!
8 / 12 / 2022

Bigg Cixx took 2021 by storm with some of his best releases yet! In particular, today we wanted to talk about Fourteen, another West Coast style slapper that encapsulates the G-Funk goodness that we’ve come to expect from Bigg Cixx. It’s still just as fresh as when it dropped!

Fourteen is the kind of track that casually lets you into the origins of one of our favourite rap artists, showing the adversities he had to overcome and the misadventures he had before he got here, but in a lighthearted, even humourous way. We all know that Bigg Cixx has a great sense of humour, and this track is no exception, though of course it has a serious side to it as you might expect. Bigg Cixx has never been one to hold back any kind of hard hitting parts of any given story he’s relaying through his fresh beats, and we’re pleased to say this trend is continuing with a vengeance: Bigg Cixx tells it real, he tells it in a way that’ll make you smile, and he tells it along with a baseline that perfectly complements the head-nodding beats that his tracks are so good at possessing. The pandemic doesn’t have us fully in its clutches any more, and Bigg Cixx is keen to show you the skills he polished during 2020, throwing down his flow and spitting his fire with a vengeance! Fourteen is the perfect way to reacquaint yourself with what he can do.

But with that being said, if you really can’t satisfy your Cixx cravings, check out the rest of his excellent Spotify catalogue or his presence on Youtube. You may even discover some new favourites when other artists feature with him!

Or you could always check out his social media links or website! We’ll definitely be seeing you there…

Bigg Cixx is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on Bigg Cixx at the following links:

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