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Spiffy's new singles live up to his name!
1 / 03 / 2019

Ready to spiff up your playlists? One House Music and Sound have teamed up with Blue Pie to deliver you just that. Spiffy is coming at you, all fresh and… well… spiffy… with his three latest Afrobeat party hits- Jagaban, Jofumi, and Adeniyi Jones!

Jagaban delivers a throbbing synth as its supporting melody, and a syncopated beat that Afrobeat is well known for, that’ll encourage you to sway across the dance floor! Just listening to the preview on iTunes is enough to get you dancing in your seat a little, and will leave you with one truth once you’re done- Africa knows how to party! This one is perfect to warm up the party and get the shy guests up to dance a little!

Spiffy – Jagaban

You after something you can dance to but it’s a little more on the chill side? Jofumi is for you, and contains all the fresh quality of Jagaban but a little more on the mellow side. Still perfect to get up and dance to, but also great for chilling out with some drinks in between tearing up the dance floor!

Spiffy – Jofumi

Finally, Adeniyi Jones will deliver the spice of a good dancing song, with a vengeance! Faster and more groovy than the other two, this one is perfect to climax a party with. Fast and exciting, but not too fast, this Afrobeat track is good for dancers of all speeds, including those who wanna let everything loose and get crazy on the floor!

Spiffy – Adeniyi Jones

Whatever your preference for Afrobeat and Afrogroove is, Spiffy is sure to hit the spot in some way or another. Go check him out!

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