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Success David's poetry ensures success!
17 / 04 / 2019

Success David has just released three hit tracks on a brand new EP! Say hello to your new favourite listening pasttime, Poetry Of My Country!

Palo Digital Marketing sure seem to have found another winner. This collection of spoken word pieces comes from the heart, and is sure to move you. Success David belts out the passionate pieces with fire in her voice, and emotional piano riffs in the background accompany her artistic speech. Open the door to the trials her people have endured, and put yourself in the shoes of the speaker- you are certain to become immersed and swept away in this poetic mastery, delivered with powerful conviction.
Success David has success in her name for a reason. It’s doubtless that this Blue Pie and Palo Digital artist will go far with passion like this. Be one of the first to get behind their push to greatness- they’ll snowball into instant recognition in no time with enough of a backing!

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