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Sunshine Butterflies! The groundbreaking duo of Clare Estelle and The Voublys returns!
5 / 03 / 2021

A while back, smack in the middle of the wretched 2020 quarantine, we brought a certain collaboration to your attention. That was of course “Love’s Denied” with The Voublys and Clare Estelle!

Clare herself also teased a new release with the iconic J-rock band too, back when Love’s Denied came out…

voublys clare teaser new release

Well, you’d better be sitting down for this one, because in the latter half of 2020, “Sunshine Butterflies” emerged from its cocoon and straight onto the music scene!

You can witness metamorphosis occurring in this combination’s style. If you have a certain itch that can’t be scratched, some kind of craving for unique music that no number of indie tracks can quench, then The Voublys might just be the group you’re looking for… especially when they team up with Clare Estelle, bringing us a distinct fusion of pop rock and choir vocals! Now THAT’S unique!

Combining the talents of the Japanese rock band with the UK vocalist and lyricist, the resulting combo is one that’s sure to stick in the memory of many! While Clare Estelle is normally a solo artist, this just goes to show that many hands make light work. This new track is bound to be an earworm for a while to come, just like Love’s Denied!

We’ve had The Voublys rocking out in our minds since forever, and their name puts hits like “R.I.P.” and “Rock And Roll Shaman” firmly in our heads when we hear it.

And with that sort of potential for catchy and memorable songs, it’s little wonder that they collaborated with Clare Estelle of all people! Their catchy combo will be with us for days, and it’ll remind us of something: Who’s to say that nothing good came out of 2020? We’ll be looking to the future with sunshine in our eyes and butterflies in our stomachs, waiting tentatively for what great new releases they’ll belt out next…




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