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Sydonia – Reality Kicks Video live on iTunes
30 / 09 / 2014

Melbourne based heavy rock band Sydonia have released the title song of their latest album ‘Reality Kicks’ as a video track available live on iTunes! ‘Reality Kicks’, brand new album from Sydonia which features the track ‘Reality Kicks’ along with 13 other powerful and visceral tracks.

Sydonia’s four band members Dana Roskvist, Sam Haycroft, Adam Murray and Sean Bailey are more than pleased with the results of their latest album and music video release. Guitarist Sam Haycroft says, “It’s been a hard slog these few years, getting this record done and finding the right team around us to put it out, but now is the time. It’s awesome to finally unveil it.”

Reality Kicks is out worldwide through MGM Distribution and video content online through Blue Pie Records. Check out the links for Sydonia’s new music news, downloads and gig updates!

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