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The Objex 'GG' brings raw punk rock to a whole new level!
26 / 05 / 2014

GG by The Objex is the latest track to be dropped off their new album, Supercharged Little Nova, and it is their punchiest track yet!

Raw punk rock madness blasts throughout the whole track, igniting the mayhem and insanity of the latest retro rock anthem. The gnarly guitar licks pulse throughout the track, keeping the upbeat tempo ready to rock out to, get the heart pumping and start the party in style. Contrary to the lyrics that punk rock is dead, The Objex are keeping it alive, kicking and screaming.

Lead singer, Felony Melony, has been dubbed “the punk rock Tina Turner” and we can see why! She uses her explosive vocals to howl through the whole track. She perfectly captures the raw vibe of the song as though she is ready to start a riot. She performs hard, fast and nasty—she is an unstoppable force of nature and holds your attention with great hooks and endless energy.

The drums are given their own little section to show off in, and we guarantee that, in a live show, they will deliver every energetic bone in their body and bring you an insane mind bending, soul destroying and heart stopping drum solo.

The guitar screams in its own right, making a statement of ear splitting, fist pumping and electrifying solos. While also driving the track through from start to finish, it wails all over and pulses glitchy, catchy vibes.

Their infectious vibe is ferocious and ready to bring down anyone who tries to stop these punk rocking legends. With similarities and influences of Green Day, No Doubt, Chuck Berry and a hint of Tina Turner; The Objex will uphold their vicious and exhilarating music at any live show, already with an array of outstanding reviews, you can be guaranteed a wild night out!

For more, check out their website on reverbenation here.

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