blue pie Release

The Twitch are a kaleidoscope of the sixties, seventies, and what is now.
12 / 02 / 2014

The Twitch have two brand new singles out and they are on their way to radio stations all over the globe. The 1st track is  Out Of Love’ and the 2nd track is ‘They Are Shout’

The songs are are everything we love about The Twitch. Think psychedelic, rock, punk blended with your favoriate bottle of Jack and you have it!

To have a listen head over to their website and get the lowdown or

To all you Earthlings out there, embrace The Twitch, hear them Call Your Name, grab your Whiskey In The Bottle, join in on the Celebration and get your Freak Flag on!

ROCK ON THE TWITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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