blue pie Release

The Twitch
16 / 10 / 2009

Flip the dial back to 1976, drop a tab of acid,have a joint and then get ready to down some Jack and you are just about ready for Canada’s rock sensation ” The Twitch “. Their songs take you back to when rock was rock and “urban” referred to an outer city estate.
Their songs continue to receive airplay on over 300 radio stations in over 45 countries. In January 2009 they completed their latest tracks, “No, No, No” and “Run, Run, Run”, which have just been released to the world through Blue Pie. You can view their video clip of “No, No, No” on their YouTube site.  Constantly touring around the world and blowing young minds away, The Twitch is here now, happening and reaching a new generation all over the world! BPPTWITCH280709

Check out The Twitch site

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