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Tony Vila releases album
6 / 12 / 2012

Toni Villa’s new album “Super Me”, is an emotional, inspiring and transfixing compilation of songs that leave you uplifted and humming his melodies for days after.

Toni’s all laid bare approach to lyrics and unique style of pop, artfully incorporates a sophisticated use of modern rock and soulful piano. “The Real Super Me” is one such song that gets under the skin with its slow and ear catching introduction which transitions into a full blasting rock anthem with guitar riffs that are set to have an rock lover on the edge of their seat – contrasting this completely Toni also has beautiful serene heart stopping piano pop ballads such as “Just Fine” and “Around here” that are reminiscent of Legends Five for fighting.

The likes of Queen, Train and Killers would be chuffed to be the inspiration for Toni’s musical style which has inspired this skillful Texan into writing and performing for over 15 years- drawing crowds in their hundreds with his crazy performance style captivating his audience and ever growing fan base.

“Super Me” is live for the world on iTunes, so be sure to download, and add to your playlists. For more information on Tony Vila, be sure to check out his Official Myspace Page.

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