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We're Giving Everything to Storme
16 / 07 / 2013

This eclectic album is storme’s desirable voice teamed with guitars and brass, that results in a soothing album for those who love pop and country. ‘Somethings Gotta Give’, released on June 17th by Blue Pie’s Storme is an album that will rock the adult pop world.

With reviews such as “Definitely the most well rehearsed, confident and talented  female performer/songwriter here tonight, make it your life,”- President of the Australian Songwriters Association Brian, and If you have seen Storme in action theres a good chance you would be interested in listening to her Debut Album, This CD is definitely worth hearing” – Reverb Magazine 2003, Page 12, you must be crazy to not be interested in this Australian’s album!

The album tells tales of love, lust and loss that listeners cant help but love because of the hardship shown in stormes voice. The obvious hardship expressed in “What does it Take?” reminds the audience that she not just a talented artist but has gone through the tough times too.

Purchase the album at iTunes on the link below

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