African Team

Obiukwu Chinedu John aka Nedjon

Blue Pie Business Development Director Team - West Africa - Blue Pie

BA - Statistics | Abia State University Uturu Nigeria

Obiukwu Chinedu John aka Nedjon is one passionate individual about all things music. He is a proven song writer in his native home town of Lagos, Nigeria. He has a diverse and wide skill set that he c...
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Blue Pie Business Development Team - South Africa - Blue Pie

Banji Adebunmi has been working with Blue Pie since 2004 and has contributed to the steady growth of the Blue Pie roster of African artists. Banji works in licensing and music production in various Af...
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CEO and Business Development Director - Palmary Group of Companies

Business Development Director - Africa

Judah has been working with Blue Pie for over 7 years. He runs his own record label called “Destiny Records Nigeria” and he's spent the past 7 years building his West African business network. Jud...
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