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Farhana Karim

Meta Specialist

Farhana Karim is a seasoned professional known for her advanced proficiency in Microsoft applications and a remarkable aptitude for data entry. Her expertise extends to problem-solving, showcasing an ability to adapt seamlessly to diverse learning styles. With a strong technological acumen, Farhana is adept at internet navigation and email management, making her a valuable asset in the digital landscape.

She served as a Lecturer in the Department of Law, delivering engaging lectures, tutorials, workshops, and seminars. Beyond the classroom, Farhana has made significant contributions to curriculum development, crafting course materials suitable for a variety of platforms. Known for her collaborative nature, she actively engages with fellow academics and lecturers to enhance teaching methods and expand the collective knowledge base. Setting and grading assignments, tests, and exams have been integral aspects of her role, underscoring her commitment to comprehensive student evaluation.

Farhana’s educational journey is marked by academic excellence. She holds a Masters of Law (L.L.M) from Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh, with a passing year of 2001 and a result of 2nd Class. Her Bachelor of Law (L.L.M) from the same institution, earned in 2000, reflects a 2nd Class result.

Additionally, her Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) from Jashore Education Board in 1993 resulted in a 2nd Division, while her Masters of Law (L.L.M) from Jashore Education Board in 1991 earned her a 1st Division.

Beyond her technical and academic prowess, Farhana is a proficient communicator with excellent verbal and written skills in English, oral communication proficiency in Hindi, and native proficiency in Bengali. Her collaborative attitude makes her a valuable asset to any team, emphasizing her ability to work seamlessly with colleagues.

Motivated by a strong sense of integrity and responsibility, Farhana Karim is dedicated to contributing to the fast spreading and development of her institution. Farhana has joined the

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