Bangladesh Team

Md Elias Hossain

Meta Specialist

From the halls of Government B.L. College, Khulna, where his academic journey commenced, to the present, Elias has been marked by an insatiable curiosity which culminated in the receipt of a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2014. This pivotal moment propelling him toward the attainment of a Master of Arts in History in 2016. These formative years not only honed his analytical acumen but also imbued within him the virtues of discipline and perseverance, qualities that continue to steer him through life.

In 2015 Elias ventured beyond the realms of history into the realm of Information Technology. He obtained the IT Fundamentals certification from Comp Tech, Khulna which provided the indispensable IT proficiencies spanning hardware, software, networking, and security fundamentals.

Elias has recently joined the MB Creative Lab/Blue Pie/DJ Central team. He retains a dedication to innovation, continual learning, and effecting tangible change. He is driven by the conviction that the fusion of history and technology harbors boundless prospects for growth, discovery, and the realization of aspirations.

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