Bangladesh Team

Md. Shahed Uddin

Audio Engineer

Diving into the intricate world of sound, Shahed emerges as a seasoned music composer and sound engineer with over a decade of hands-on expertise. With a virtuosic command over the guitar spanning more than two decades, Shahed’s musical journey traverses genres, from the heavy metal to the soul-stirring rhythms of R&B/Soul.

Currently serving as an Audio Engineer at Blue Pie Records Bangladesh, Shahed is engaged in audio restoration, stock music library development, game score composition, and freelance music projects. Shahed has his sights set on a promising future as a Film Scorer.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shahed assumes the mantle of a mentor, imparting his musical wisdom to a multitude of aspiring artists, guiding them through the art of guitar playing and the intricacies of music production. His aspirations extend to the establishment of a music academy exploring the realms of music and audio production in his local region.

A graduate of Khulna University, with a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, Shahed’s multifaceted persona transcends the realms of music. His contributions also resonate in the domain of workplace safety, particularly within the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry, through his involvement in US compliance initiatives in Bangladesh.

Shahed emerges not only as a consummate musician, composer, and audio engineer but also as a mentor for countless aspiring artists.

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