Bangladesh Team

Ramjan Ali

Web Developer

Ramjan Ali is a seasoned developer specializing in a spectrum of programming languages and frameworks, including PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, and Express.js. With a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise in these technologies, Ramjan has consistently delivered innovative solutions across diverse projects.

Ramjan brings a robust understanding of software development and architecture to every endeavor. His proficiency extends beyond mere coding, encompassing a keen ability to strategize, design, and implement scalable and efficient solutions.

Ramjan’s expertise also extends to DevOps and server management, where he excels in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining robust server environments. His adeptness with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and AWS ensures smooth and reliable operations, facilitating seamless integration and continuous delivery.

With a track record marked by successful project deliveries and a proactive approach to problem-solving, Ramjan excels in navigating complexities within development environments. His commitment to producing high-quality code and optimizing performance underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Ramjan holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, grounding his practical expertise in a strong theoretical foundation.

An ardent advocate for continuous learning and improvement, Ramjan thrives in dynamic settings, and has enjoyed joining working for the MB Creative, Blue Pie Records and Ordior team – overseeing the maintenance and development of over 450+ websites.

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