Bangladesh Team

Tamanna Afrin Kona

Social Media Coordinator

Tamanna is Ordior Media’s Social Media Coordinator, blending her passion for content creation where her ability to craft and execute engaging social media strategies works to build Blue Pie and Ordior’s company’s and artists’ online presences.

She remains committed to being at the forefront of the latest trends in the fast-paced digital environment but also keeping an eye on audience engagement. Tamanna’s strategic approach to social media management goes beyond mere postings; she is a digital storyteller, adept creating relatable and compelling content.

In a world marked by constant digital evolution, Tamanna stands out as a reliable professional who navigates the complexities of social media with finesse. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her creative flair, has increased Blue Pie’s artist’s visibility.

Tamanna holds a master’s degree in development studies from Khulna University, Bangladesh. She is committed to continuous learning and delivering great outcomes for her clients.

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