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Wahiduzzaman Talukder

Meta Specialist

Wahiduzzaman Talukder, popularly known as Sabuj Wahid, is a passionate writer whose creative works have had an impact in the literary and media landscape of Bangladesh. With several of his writings published in various literary journals and entertaining dramas aired on various television channels, Wahid’s contributions to the arts are both celebrated and influential. His narratives, rich with cultural insights and imaginative storytelling, have resonated with audiences, establishing him as a prominent voice in contemporary Bangladeshi literature.

Currently, Wahid excels as a Content Specialist, leveraging his extensive expertise in creating compelling and engaging content. He holds a post-graduate degree in Management, which complements his creative pursuits by providing a strong foundation in strategic and organizational skills. This blend of creativity and management acumen allows Wahid to approach content creation with a unique perspective, ensuring that his work is not only imaginative but also strategically sound.

Throughout his career, Wahid has amassed invaluable experience working with renowned organizations. He has been an integral part of the Bangladesh Bishwa Sahitya Kendra, where he contributed to the promotion of education, literature, and cultural enrichment. At Deepto Television, Wahid played a pivotal role in content creation and development, further honing his skills in the broadcast media industry. His tenure at ARP Creative Agency allowed him to blend his creative flair with marketing acumen, producing impactful content across various platforms. His ability to craft messages that resonate with diverse audiences has made significant contributions to the agency’s success.

Wahid’s diverse background and multifaceted expertise make him a distinguished member of any creative team. He is working in the content team of Blue Pie and Ordior Media and his diverse expertise has proven invaluable contribution for the team.

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