Barry Crocker Is Presenting At The 34th MO Awards
26 Feb 2010

Barry Crocker is presenting at the 34th MO Awards. Attention The World – Announcing our patrons and our KRAZY KWIZ NIGHT @ BANKSTOWN SPORTS CLUB – MONDAY 8th MARCH at 7.30pm. In the lead-up to The 2010 ‘MO’ Awards presentation night, we are holding a Krazy Kwiz Night on Monday 7.30pm March 8th…. There will be lots of fun; excitement and hopefully your company! You really will enjoy the night and the people… All proceeds will towards the ‘MO’ Benevolent fund… Please ring Johnny Pace on 0414 894 876 to make your booking(s) now…‘MO’ Awards KRAZY KWIZ NIGHT @ BANKSTOWN SPORTS CLUB Lansdowne Room, Greenfield Parade; BANKSTOWN, N.S.W. MONDAY 8th MARCH at 7.30pm – All the best – The MO committee – Phone: 0414 894 876

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