Brigitte Stolk to perform at the Vert Galant
21 Feb 2012

Brigitte Stolk is set to perform at a concert in Beauvechain, Belgium at the Vert Galant. Brigitte is already a well-known entertainer across Europe  having sung as the female vocalist for Hip Hop bands in Belgium, Netherlands, and France, while also performed as a solo artist in the Belgium's trendiest clubs, festivals, radio and television shows.

Just recently, Kevin Williams, a French TV mogul produced a video for her song "Everyday". The song was a smash hit across France, holding the number 1 viewer's choice spot for 3 months in the "Just 4 Talent'  video charts – a french TV music channel.

Brigitte is a multi-facetted artist, who’s been compared to Aalyiah, Tamia and Janet Jackson. She’s been described in a French national newspaper as “the feline who turned into music” (Patricia Maille-Caire). Brigitte has that inner sweetness to her voice. A voice that conveys deep emotions and moves people’s hearts. Fans can expect her soulful voice to layer over RnB/Hip-hop beats and jazz-like grooves. This is one event RnB fans should not miss (or they should lie about it if they do!)

When: Saturday 19th May

Where: The Vert Galant

Time: 8:30pm

For more information on Brigitte Stolk, visit:

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