Brother Lou at The Bitter End, Feb 26th 2012
23 Feb 2012

Virginia artist, Brother Lou has more than made a dent in the folk industry. During his successful career, he has received many accolades for song writing including being awarded as the official selection in The Song of the Year contest, sponsored by VH1, winning The Great American Song contest and coming in third in the American Songwriter Magazine Best Lyric contest.

Believing song writing should not be constrained by formulas, Brother Lou creates a unique style of folk-blues which echoes the nostalgic era of the 1970s.

Brother Lou has been likened to American legends such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. As his fan base grows and grows it will get harder to catch him live, so do it while you can!

When: Febuary 26th, 8.15pm

Where: The Bitter End, New York City

For more information on Brother Lou visit his website

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