Craig Fraser to tour India
21 Oct 2009

Craig will be touring India from the 31st of October with shows in Goa, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. W.O.A Records India Tour is the Biggest International Independent Artists Tour to take place in India and has been in place since 2008 with the first tour seeing an unprecedented following from fans and media in general. The tour is now an annual production and getting bigger every year. The tour has been supported by various media and is growing in the media coverage expected. This includes spots/interviews with the artistes on Major Radio and TV Stations, interviews on India's largest newspapers and magazines and promo meets at various festivals and events which W.O.A is known to deliver. Additionally, a compilation CD is produced by W.O.A Records comprising of all the artists on every annual tour. The compilation is sold all across India at Planet M’s, Music Worlds and various other stores and Internationally across 6000 Record Stores and Online on  iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Amazon, Sony Tunes etc. One Music Video/Rockumentary is also produced comprising of all the artistes. The music video is to support sales of the compilation CD & promotions of the tour. The entire event is co-coordinated by W.O.A Events.  The dates are 24th October to 5th November plus 5 days for a video shoot and press meets etc… Cities are Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Calcutta and more venues / cities being added/edited. For more information on the tour check out the Craig Fraser website at or visit W.O.A Records at

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