Dino Jag and Swanee teaming up THIS WEEKEND! 30th at the Arkaba!
26 Jul 2022

Dino Jag is in Adelaide, and he’s ready for this weekend! He’s preparing to open up with a special stripped back set for the mighty John Swan, this Saturday 30th July at the Arkaba Hotel. Get there early if you want to chat with Dino and Swanee, and grab your tickets here:

Dino seems very excited, based on the video he made about it for his Facebook! Check it out.

And why wouldn’t he be excited? He’s rolling with John Swan! All true Australian 80s kids, whether they’re still down under or abroad, will all know the name “Swanee”. In early 1974 Swanee joined The James Wright Band as a drummer, and by the end of the year he joined the Adelaide band Fraternity as lead vocalist. His brother Jimmy Barnes joined the band and Swanee switched roles to drums, but eventually resumed his duties as lead vocalist after Jimmy Barnes left Fraternity to join Cold Chisel. During this time, Swanee played drums for Jim Keays’ Southern Cross. In 1976 Swanee moved on and left both bands to further his solo aspirations. John Archibold Dixon Swan was the only child to keep the surname of his biological father when his mother remarried in the mid-1960s. His younger brothers Jimmy and Alan Barnes took the surname of their mother. Swanee’s dad was an adept boxer, and Swanee is living up to his name by coming out swinging with this exciting collaboration announcement with Dino!


Speaking of which… as for Dino himself, he first erupted into the Australian music scene with the rework of the classic Steve Wonder’s hut, “Superstition”. Little did the world know how far this dude from “the city Churches” would go to confound the public. Dino is fast becoming a recognised name in the international music world. Dino was nominated “Best Male Vocalist” for three consecutive years at the South Australian Music Industry Awards (SAMIA). Dino has produced a series of remix projects with Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly. Together these two greats have remixed one of New Zealand’s biggest selling physical singles of all time “She’s a Mod”, Rusty Anderson’s “Hurt Myself“, featuring Sir Paul McCartney on bass, backing vocals and guitars and Australia’s singing legend “Mr Barry Crocker” and his song “Shine a Light”.

With Swanee and Dino Jag both making this performance at the Arkaba a predestined hit, South Australia is bound to have an incredibly memorable weekend in store for it! See you there… be sure to grab your limited tickets at

Until then, check out some of these links introducing a bit more about who these artists are and what they’re all about:


Swanee is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “Swanee” or “John Swan” for more information.


Swanee | Awards

  • South Australian Amateur Boxing Champion 1970
  • South Australian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee 2014
  • South Australia’s Senior Australian Of The Year Award 2015
  • Order Of Australia Medal (OAM) 2017

Swanee | Band Links | December 2019


Dino Jag is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

As Damien Reilly says: “Dino is one of the best artists that I have ever worked with. He is quick off the mark with his ideas are always overflowing with infectious melody”.

Dino is gaining more and more worldwide recognition and with names like this to his recording credits already planet Earth is at his feet. Download Dino now from iTunes or stream these great songs from Spotify.


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